For a Lawyer, you’re a shitty liar

I was born in Los Angeles to a young couple of dumb asses for the purpose of being a citizen. Originally my parents were from Mexico but they came up with cockamamie idea when my mom was 7 months pregnant. Soon after I was born we returned to the motherland and for reasons unknown they split up but soon after my mother and grandparents decided to move back to the states. However, during their american dream fantasy they forgot to tell my father or maybe they did tell him.. there’s different versions depending on who I ask.. He went on with his life without a second thought. While I was being a hellion to my grandparents as my mom was too busy partying and having fun I was causing all sorts of headaches as all kids usually do, in that time my father managed to receive a law degree in Mexico.

I recently asked lawyer-dad why he never went to the US Embassy and reported me as being taken and he in turn blamed me for not demanding my grandparents into telling me where he was. Fortunately I had the best dad figure because of my grandpa, so I never felt like I was missing anything and never asked where lawyer-dad was. I appreciate good thought out and preferably rehearsed lie with facts to back it or embellish it. Lawyer-dad has had almost 30 years to come up with a great excuse as to why he didn’t EVER attempt to locate me sooner, but then again I only became of use when he realized I was of age and could help with his immigration issues.

It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. All he had to do was be honest.  He should assume I’m a lost cause with immigration or with any favors.

Karma Chameleon